We’re passionate about the art of the sandwich build.

At Gonnella, we take sandwich making seriously. And we believe that the best sandwiches start with high-quality, superior-in-taste buns and breads. Since 1886, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our dough recipes to come up with a product line that lets any sandwich shine. SandwichMasters is our way of sharing it with you.

With our SandwichMasters series, we travel around the country to get a firsthand look at up-and-coming chefs as they showcase their master craft around the art of sandwich making. We take you straight into the kitchen, showing you step by step how to create delicious, totally unique recipes from scratch. From new takes on classics such as the Chicago hot dog, to innovative concepts like bun sushi, our SandwichMasters series brings foodies, chefs, chef-wannabes, and, of course, bread lovers together.